The Sermon Project

In a nutshell, The Sermon Project aims to give life back to transformative voices of the church’s past that have been silenced for various reasons. Indigenous, Black, Asian and other men and women who have stood in the gap to open scripture and preach their love for Jesus. They left a Godly heritage – which very few today have ever heard before because their sermons only exist before audio recording was invented.

The project will hire professional performers to record studio quality sermons in audio format and offer them free to the Church. These recordings will have manifold benefits for the Church from congregational formation and evangelism (how did they share their faith), education (how did it apply to their lives), bible study (how did God speak to His people) and general interest (history, theology, ecclesiology, pneumatology etc), not least of which will be a renewed respect and love for The Word of God. We believe God put this project on our hearts for a reason and that NOW is the time to hear these voices.

Our initial theme for the Sermon Project will be JUSTICE. How did past preachers – often living in the face of injustice – preach about the justice of the Lord? How did preaching about God’s Justice offer hope to the nations, and a challenge to the Church?

Coming soon!

Our next focus is sermons from the Middle Ages. These sermons from Augustine to pre-reformation will surprise you how contemporary the issues are as pastors struggle to guide their flocks in faith; sometimes humorous, sometimes pleading, sometimes frustrated and angry – but always concerned with the love of God.

Stay tuned!

The Sermon Project is an Imago project.

This project is able to proceed at a consistent but relaxed pace. In an ideal world, one foundation steps in to fund the entire project at initiation, but often God’s desire is to weave many donors/partners together through a common kingdom-minded project. Please prayerfully consider donating generously to the project.