The Sermon Project

Welcome to The Sermon Project

At The Sermon Project, we aim to revive and share the transformative voices of the church’s past. By hiring professional performers, we record high-quality audio sermons that are freely available to churches, schools, and individuals. Our goal is to inspire both personal and congregational growth.

Our Mission

We serve multiple purposes:

  • Faith Formation: Personal and communal growth in faith.
  • Evangelism: Spreading the gospel.
  • Education: Learning historical applications of the gospel.
  • Bible Study: Deepening understanding of scripture.
  • Interest in History and Theology: Exploring ecclesiology, pneumatology, and more.

Our Journey

  • The Sermon on the Mount: Our project began with a focus on Jesus’ teachings, incorporating insights from various academics and rabbis to highlight the Jewishness of Jesus while staying true to the original text.
  • Initial Theme of JUSTICE: We explored sermons on justice by historical Black and Native American preachers, including a unique production of an extrapolated sermon by Jarena Lee.
  • Medieval Sermons: Our current focus features voices from Augustine and Aelfric to Wulfstan and Wyclif, updated for modern audiences and accompanied by group discussion questions.

Why These Sermons?

These medieval sermons, predating the Reformation, offer a universal Christian message relevant to both Catholic and Protestant audiences. This fosters reconciliation and unity within the Church.

Join Us

As an ecumenical and charitable initiative under Imago*, The Sermon Project seeks to significantly impact faith communities by making historical sermons accessible and relevant today. We invite you to partner with us in this important endeavor.

The Sermon Project is an Imago initiative

Stay tuned!

Support The Sermon Project

Our project progresses at a steady and thoughtful pace. Ideally, a single foundation could fund the entire initiative from the start. However, we often see God’s plan unfold by bringing together many donors and partners for a common, kingdom-minded cause. We invite you to prayerfully consider donating generously to support The Sermon Project.